The Big Slurpee

The Summer holidays are the perfect time to go off on a long road trip. In fact, many of us have found ourselves in the car heading off to one of the many tourist attractions around Australia - be it The Big Pineapple, The Big Banana or The Big Cow.

In 2009 Australia was given a brand new attraction - The Big Slurpee - a 50ft Slurpee erected in the country town of Coffs Harbour. In was to be the summer of love and large frozen drinks as Aussies from all over the country made the road trip to The Big Slurpee. Over 10,000 visitors took snap shots of themselves in front of The Big Slurpee on their cameras and mobile phones. They also took home souvenirs such as Big Slurpee key rings, bumper stickers and postcards.

It was to be the biggest Slurpee Summer experience yet. Unfortunately, it was not to last long being dismantled later that year. The Big Slurpee - for those that were crazy enough to go, it was one big memorable summer.

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