BYO Cup Day

Back once again for y’all BYO masters, Slurpee slurpers, power to the people. Bring your slipper, your sippers, even your whipper snipper, If it holds liquid and you can fit it. Through the hole checker, you can bring it!

Get your Sip Mitt on

We said "Brrrr, it's cold in here, we should get some Sip Mitt in the Slurpee sphere." We'll go "Owee, owee, owed, OH EM GEE, it's Sip Mitt (for a limited) time!"

Five cents from each Slurpee

From May 1, 2014 to June 9, 2014 Slurpee is partnering up with YGAP to raise funds for projects to support people living in poverty across Australia, Asia & Africa by donating 5 cents from EVERY Slurpee sold towards the charity.


Imagine a biting Alligator, riding an escalator, running from a terminator. Well, that’s XPANDINATOR.

Jamaican us Swirl!

New never knew how new it could get until it saw the awesomeness that Slurpee was strutting into January, with a Bonus Cat Bum Face on top!
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