Bring on Flavourfest 2015!

Have you got the flava? With 13 new flavours every week for 13 weeks, Flavourfest is ready to attack your tastebuds with NEVER BEEN SLURPED deliciousness, including 30% off!

New Stretch Cup with $3 refills

There’s a new LIMITED EDITION Stretch Cup in town that can fit heaps of Slurpee right in your hand. It’s only $5 to purchase with refills for just $3.

BYO Cup Day be back.

I like big BYO cups and I cannot lie, You other slurpers can’t deny, When a girl walks in, has a little Slurpee taste, Like a cup shaped like her own face…

Zilch for Zilched!!

Pay absolutely nada, nothing, ZILCH for a medium Slurpee Zilched

It’s time.. to DOUBLE THE FUN!!

Purchase any size Slurpee and you’ll get a SECOND ONE of the same or lesser value – FOR FREE!
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