Name Your Price Day

WOAH. This Good Friday you raised $153,394.71 for Name Your Price Day!


WOAH! The most Xtreme Invention ever is BACK... The Slurpee Xpandinator. It's that ingenious funnel that holds soooooo much Xtra Slurpee.

Slurpee Jar

Cups are cool. But jars are jarnormous! And so hot right now. Just grab a jar and… boom! The sweet, sweet slurp of sunny summer vibes.

Flavour Fest 2014 is HERE!

11 weeks, 11 flavours. Taking awesomeness up a gear. Tapping into new flavour crazes. And bringing back some old favourites.

BYO Cup Day

Back once again for y’all BYO masters, Slurpee slurpers, power to the people. Bring your slipper, your sippers, even your whipper snipper, If it holds liquid and you can fit it. Through the hole checker, you can bring it!
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