New Stretch Cup with $3 refills

There’s a new LIMITED EDITION Stretch Cup in town that can fit heaps of Slurpee right in your hand. It’s only $5 to purchase with refills for just $3.

BYO Cup Day be back.

I like big BYO cups and I cannot lie, You other slurpers can’t deny, When a girl walks in, has a little Slurpee taste, Like a cup shaped like her own face…

Zilch for Zilched!!

Pay absolutely nada, nothing, ZILCH for a medium Slurpee Zilched

It’s time.. to DOUBLE THE FUN!!

Purchase any size Slurpee and you’ll get a SECOND ONE of the same or lesser value – FOR FREE!

New Slurpents

We totally think you’re ready for this jelly.. Slurpee SLURPENTS have arrived!!
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